Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Holi Calendar of Braj, Mathura

The Holi celebrations in Mathura and Vrindavan would be on their peak from today. Holashtak have started and it marks the beginning of eight days Holi festivity in Braj region. Braj, which is also spelled as Brij, consists of Barsana, Baldev, Govardhan, Gokul, Nandgaon, Vrindavan and Mathura.

Foreign visitors and local devotees throng temples to watch Holi celebrations which are organized by care takers of these temples. Devotees can watch most of the major Holi celebrations in Mathura and Vrindavan as they don’t overlap with each other.

Lathmar Holi of Barsana and Nandgaon during 2012

These are the famous events with dates during Holi celebrations 

20th March, 2013 – Laddu Holi of Barsana
21st March 2013 – Lathmar Holi of Barsana
22nd March 2013 – Lathmar Holi of Nandgaon
23rd March 2013 – Holi of Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi, Mathura
26th March 2013 – Holi at Dwarkadheesh Temple, Mathura
29th March 2013 – HoliHuranga at Baldev 

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  1. Thanks for sharing useful Holi Calendar of Braj blog. People should take some precautions while playing with gulal and colours during Holi festival.
    Happy Holi 2014