Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Vasant Panchami - 14th or 15th Feb

We have noticed that many sources have marked Vasant Panchami on 15th February 2013 while Drik Panchang almanac has marked Vasant Panchami on 14th February 2013. Our team has looked into it to make sure that our software has not erred. We found no error in marking the day of Vasant Panchami on 14th February.

To assist followers of Drik Panchang to make the right choice we are giving following explanation.

1. Panchami Tithi is getting over at 09:05 a.m. on 15th February while it starts at 08:19 a.m. on 14th February. According to religious text Dharmasindhu,

Snapshot from Dharmasindhu - translated by Sadashiv Shastri

"if Panchami prevails (or starts) after noon on previous day then only second day should be chosen to observe Vasant Panchami". According to this rule Vasant Panchami should be observed on 14th February as Panchami starts much before the noon i.e. on 08:19 a.m. on previous day.

2. People who want to observe Vasant Panchami on 15th February have to make sure that they finish Saraswati Puja before 09:05 a.m. as Shashthi Tithi would start after that. As most of the schools and colleges also celebrate Vasant Panchami it would not be practical to finish it before 09:05 on 15th February.

It should be noted that Shahi Snan at Kumbh Mela on Vasant Panchami is marked on 15th February. It looks appropriate also as Snan is done at sunrise and it is on 15th February when Panchami would prevail during Sunrise.

Both Saraswati Puja and Kumbh Snan on Vasant Panchami are observed on Panchami Tithi but due to start and end timings of Panchami Tithi, they might be observed on two different days.

However people, including Sadhus of various Akhadas participating in Kumbh, who would do Vasant Panchami Snan on 15th February, should take holy dip at Sangam before 09:05 a.m.


  1. for convenient of school and colleges you decide this festival on 14th feb. 2013, your this decision is very poor. As per the rule of Sakalay or tithi on Sunrise this festival fall on Dated 15-2-2013, and karmkal of this festival is not mentioned in any religious text

    1. Actually tithi on sunrise is important when you are performing upavas on that day... but performing puja is very much related to the tithi(the timings) ....
      and as per my knowledge this is correct what they are saying.


  2. This information is correct though it is being said that basant panchami is on 15th February.According to the puja tithi and religious texts it starts on 14th and ends on 15th.