Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sawan at Dwarkadheesh, Mathura

During Sawan month, various events are organized at Thakur Dwarkadheesh temple, Mathura. July 23 was the first day of Sawan month. Traditionally on the first day of Sawan month, special Darshan of Lord Dwarkadheesh on the golden and silver swings is arranged. 

Devotees throng the temple premises to get one glimpse of Lord Dwarkadheesh on the golden swing which is popularly known as Hindola (हिंडोला). Radha Rani, the consort of Lord Dwarkadheesh, accompanies Him on the Hindola. On this day, the whole temple echoes in the acclamation of Lord Dwarkadheesh.

First day of Sawan at Dwarkadheesh, Mathura - 2013

The festivity which starts on the first day continues throughout the Sawan month. Another worth watching event during the month is “Sawan Ki Ghata”. When the whole temple premises and atmosphere is immersed and decorated in a single color motif, it is known as Ghata which is very popular during Sawan month. 

Sawan Calendar for Dwarkadheesh Temple

• July 23 – Golden and Silver Hindola – the first day of Sawan
• August 2 – Flower Hindola – on Kamika Ekadashi 
• August 4 – Kesari (Orange) Ghata – on Trayodashi Krishna 
• August 6 – Hari (Green) Ghata – on Amavasya 
• August 8 – Asamani (Sky blue) Ghata – on Dwitiya Shukla 
• August 9 – Fruits and Flower Hindola – on Tritiya Shukla 
• August 11 – Sasani Ghata
• August 13 – Gulabi (Pink) Ghata
• August 14 – Lal (Red) Ghata
• August 16 – Shyam (Black) Ghata
• August 18 – Lahriya (with water waves) Ghata
• August 20 – Sapheda (White) Ghata

Once Sawan is over, it is time to prepare for Krishna Janmashtami

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