Monday, July 29, 2013

First Somwar of Sawan

In North India, the first Somwar of Sawan was observed with religious fervor. The July 29, was the first Monday of Shravana month. Devotees, especially women, observe fasting on all Mondays during Sawan month.

In North India, devotees, who observe Sawan Somwar fasting, eat only single Satvika meal in the evening. As most of the Shiva temples arrange special Darshan in the evening, Shiva Abhishekam is performed in the morning before noon. Devotees perform Milk and Jal Abhishekam in the morning and worship Lord Shiva, including Parvati, Ganesha, Kartikeya and Nandi with full devotion. Various items like Bel Patra, Dhatura, Aak flowers which are beloved by Lord Shiva are offered to Him during Puja.

Devotees worshiping Lord Shiva and His family on first Sawan Somwar
Most people perform Shiva Abhishekam with the milk or water. However Abhishekam can be done with various liquid items depending on the purpose. The item for Abhishekam for various purposes is listed below.

1. For rainfall – water Abhishekam
2. For car, elephant, horse – Abhishekam with curd
3. For wealth – Abhishekam with sugarcane juice
4. For liberation of soul – Abhishekam with water from Holy place
5. To get blessed with a son – Abhishekam with cow milk
6. To destroy enemy – Abhishekam with mustard oil
7. To alleviate fever – Abhishekam from water stream
8. For Students – Abhishekam with mixture of milk and sugar
9. To get rid of any disease - Abhishekam with honey

Devotee performing Milk Abhishekam
The list of all Sawan Somwar can be checked at Sawan Somwar Days for any location in the world. 

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