Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hariyali Teej on August 9 or 10?

Hariyali Teej on August 9 or August 10? 

The short answer would be that it depends on the sunrise timings for the city.

It is rare phenomenon that any festival is getting celebrated on two different days within Indian cities. This year Hariyali Teej has fallen on two days depending on the sunrise time for the city.

E.g. on, for Bangalore location Hariyali Teej has been calculated on 9th August, however the same rules give Hariyali Teej on 10th August for Delhi and most North Indian cities. 

As per religious books all festivals which are dedicated to Goddess Parvati should be observed on Udaya Vyapini  Tritiya Tithi i.e.  when Tritiya Tithi is prevailing at Sunrise. For most North Indian cities on 9th August, it is Dwitiya Tithi which is prevailing at Sunrise hence the better day to observe Hariyali Teej should be on 10th August. 

To know if you should celebrate Hariyali Teej on August 9 or August 10, please visit Hariyali Teej in 2013 and set your city.

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