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Lord Krishna as Laddu Gopal

Laddu Gopal – Lord Krishna as Toddler 
The toddler form of Lord Krishna is famously known as Laddu Gopal. Krishna in the form of Laddu Gopal is worshipped at most of the homes in Braj region, including Mathura and Vrindavan.

In Braj, the brass statues of Laddu Gopal are manufactured and it is the most sought form of Lord Krishna. Devotees of Lord Krishna prefer Laddu Gopal over other forms of Lord Krishna and establish it in their home temple after Pran Pratishtha (प्राण प्रतिष्ठा). In this form of Laddu Gopal, baby Krishna holds Laddu(s) in both hands while crawling on the floor. While crawling posture of Lord Krishna is the most famous representation of Laddu Gopal, however one can also find Krishna dancing on one leg in some of the representations of Laddu Gopal.

During Janmashtami celebrations, Laddu Gopal is the most wanted form of Lord Krishna. Devotees use Laddu Gopal while re-replaying the birth scene of Lord Krishna during midnight celebrations of Janmashtami. The birth of Lord Krishna is re-played every year not only in Krishna temples but also in most of the homes in Mathura and Vrindavan.

Laddu Gopal dancing on one leg

Devotees give ceremonial bath to Laddu Gopal after midnight. The milk, honey, sugar, Ghee and butter are used for bath and Abhishekam of Laddu Gopal. The mixture of these ingredients when combined is known as Panchamrita and offered as Prasad. Panchamrita is also called Charnamrita as it comes out after touching the divine feet of Lord Krishna. Few devotees who break the fast after midnight take Charnamrita before breaking the fast.

After ceremonial bath, Laddu Gopal is dressed up with new clothes and is given exquisite Shringar. The must Shringar items include flute, Teeka, hand and leg bangles, ear-rings and crown with bird feathers including Morpankhi (मोरपँखी). After bath and Shringar Laddu Gopal is placed in a swing and offered lots of delicacies, including Laddu(s), prepared for the occasion. Basil leaves which please Lord Krishna are added to these delicacies. Later these delicacies are consumed and distributed as Bhog to others.

At most homes, it is traditional to buy new clothes and Shringar of Laddu Gopal just before Janmashtami.

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