Monday, March 9, 2020

Chaturved Samaj of Mathura conducts Holi procession

Mathur Chaturved Parishad of Mathura conducted Holi Procession called ‘Holi Ka Dola’ on Monday, March 09. Clad in traditional attire, members of Chaturvedi community in large numbers took part in the procession. As the procession crossed various streets and markets, the whole ambience was covered in colorful hues of yellow, red and green Gulal. Youngsters were dancing on the beats of Holi songs. Shopkeepers closed their shops and welcomed the procession by spreading Abeel-Gulal on the revellers.

                                  Chaturved Samaj Holi Procession
Large number of community members walking with the Holi Procession

Revellers decked in various guises during the Holi Procession

The procession passed from various points of the city like Vishram Ghat, Dwarikadhish temple, Holi Gate, Kotawali Road, Bharatpur Gate, Ghiyamandi, Chowk Bajar and Swami Ghat before ending at the Dwarikadhish temple. Community members were singing Bhajan and Chaupai during the procession. Tableaus of Thakur Dwarikadhish, Keshavdev, Yamuna Maharani, Gopal Peethadhishwar Guru Vitthelesh Maharaj, and Siddha Vinayak Ganesh were also the centre of attraction of the procession. A large number of foreigners also participated in the procession.   

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