Thursday, March 5, 2020

Lathmar Holi at Nandagaon

One of the major attractions during the week-long Holi festivities in Brij, the world-famous Lathmar Holi was played in Nandagaon today. To play the Lathmar Holi with the women of Nandagaon, men from Barsana reached the village of Nandagaon in the large crowd.

The celebrations began at around 3:30 pm with a procession in which men from Nandagaon walked with a flag as a symbolic representation of Shree Radha Rani. The procession ended at Yashoda Kunda where men indulged in Bhang-Thandai for some time and prepped up for the celebrations of Lathmar Holi by tying Pagadi on their head. The Pagadi is meant to provide some cushioning against the beating. From Yashoda Kunda, the revellers reached Nanda Bhawan, where Nanda Baba once lived and the event of Lathmar Holi was organized.

At Nanda Bhawan, the environment was already charged up and men were welcomed with shots of water and yellow color made from Tesu flowers. Soon the men started to tease the women with lighthearted remarks and tried to smear their faces with Gulal. Women in an effort to thwart the attempts of men started playfully beating them up with large wooden sticks. Amid all the teasing and beating, folk singers were singing Traditional Holi songs in Brij Bhasha and introduced hundreds of onlookers coming from various parts of the world with the culture of Brij region. The fun of Lathmar Holi continued till the sunset.

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